Jan 122013

It’s been a week of challenges!

Amongst others, my car has been kept in bondage at the dealership, first, a struggle to get the work authorised by the corporate, and then, a struggle to get the dealer to finish the work. The result – no transport to get to the water this weekend. What sad news!!

And so, I’ve been forced to spend the weekend amongst the dirt-dwellers in Johannesburg. Not to worry though. I’ve spent the time wisely, working on the new tender that was acquired some time back.

The good news is that it is now almost ready to take down to the water. Only a touch up of the deck paint and  a final coat of white over the bare fiber-glass bits is needed to complete the work.

The bad news?

“Hey Dad. That seat you installed is going to prevent us sliding in the center board when we want to sail!!”    Oooops!      “Ok guy! We’ll cut a slot in the seat before we launch her!”



10da2 Ocean Blue

10da2 transomJPG


What I have realised is – never throw anything away! Digging in the garage, I discovered a 5yr-old 4mm threaded rod. That was used to add shaped wooden pieces to the dolly [which I’ve had stored since the LDYC days] in order to make it and the bottom of the tender match up perfectly.

I also needed to beef up the transom of the LGSprint to take my Minkota 30 lbs motor. So, again, digging into the sailing trailer, I found some resin and catalyst from 2007 [believe it or not it still works!]. That was used [what a mess] to glass in a reinforcing block to take the weight of the electric motor.

End result – An LG-Sprint sailing dinghy still fully capable of sailing but also fully capable of being put into use as a tender to the new ship “Ocean Blue”.

At R1500, plus a little sweat and itch, I think that’s a good deal !!


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